Overall Description

Term Life Insurance coverage provides protection in case of death before expiration of the specific term. It is temporary coverage to meet your family’s most pressing needs (last expenses, mortgage, income, etc.) at a significantly reduced initial cost. The proceeds of the policy are payable to the designated beneficiary upon your untimely death.

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Take comfort in knowing that you were here for your family. Ease the burden of unfinished business and unpaid bills that fall on your loved ones. Whether it is funeral arrangements or outstanding loans and taxes, the proceeds can facilitate a smooth transaction.

Term Series

Provides level coverage as follows:

  • 5 Year Level Renewable Term (coverage can be renewed every fifth year)
  • 10 Year Level Term
  • 15 Year Level Term
  • 20 Year Level Term
  • 25 Year Level Term
  • Level Term to age 60
  • Level Term to age 65
  • Level Term to age 70
  • Level Term to age 85

All Term Plans have the option to convert to a permanent plan before age 60 (without evidence of health) or 3 years prior to the expiry date of the plan, whichever comes first.

Optional Benefits

  • Accidental Death
    In the event of death due to an accident, this benefit pays an additional amount as stated on the policy
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
    In the event of death or dismemberment due to an accident, this benefit will pay the amount shown in the following Table of Losses and Benefits:
Loss Of Benefit
Life Sum Insured
Sight of both eyes Sum Insured
Both hands or feet Sum Insured
Sight of one eye and either a hand or foot Sum Insured
One hand and one foot Sum Insured
One hand or one foot or sight of one eye One half the sum insured
Thumb or index finger of one hand One quarter the sum insured


  • Total Disability of Premium
    In the event of your total disability the basic premium due will be waived to ensure that your policy remains in force

*Conditions Apply